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We all know homelessness is a very painful reality for thousands of individuals across Atlanta and surrounding cities.  It is the goal of ALM to teach our model and the lessons we have learned, over 25 years, to churches and other nonprofits interested in serving the homeless community. Our Mission Statement says it all:

      Empowering the Church to empower the homeless for the Glory of God

When homeless families or individuals visit your church with all of their earthly possessions in hand, with no place to go, it can be used as a great witnessing opportunity for the church that is prepared.  However, for the church that is not prepared, it can be a stressful and burdensome task of placing the homeless person somewhere safe. 

With Anita Lane Ministries that burden is erased. We act as your virtual office assistant.  That's right, a virtual benevolence team to tackle the immediate task of empowering that person with:  

A Christ centered, compassionate, experienced counselor focused on helping the homeless visitor become; stabilized in a shelter, become employed, find permanent housing, provide furniture, counseling and more!

You need a partner that can help you navigate the woes that comes with placing a homeless visitor.  We know placing a homeless visitor in a hotel for a few days is not Gods best nor is it the answer to a long-term solution. We want to be your virtual office assistant, consider a consultation today!

Homeless Toolkit
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  • Attend the next online training session:                           September 12th 2019,  10:30 am Eastern Standard Time

  • Click on the "Apply" button and together we can stamp out homelessness in Georgia.



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