Please Notice Our Levels of Compassion

For my birthday I created a salon to empower the homeless with beauty instead of Ashes (disgrace, failure, self-assignation). Well, it worked!!! We have as many tears of gratitude as clients that receive services. Watch this amazing video and please help us continue this program with your financial support!


Kids get teased in school because they can't afford a haircut.  Please Support

We now have a store for the homeless. 91 year old Mr. Floyd only has $9 left after paying rent and needed medicines. He had us all in tears. Please help us get the food off the floor and on shelves. Help us bring dignity by adding flooring.

Jars of Clay is a Warming Station

They come in with numb fingers and toes! Your utility support helps us keep the heat on and provide a warming station for the homeless. Winter bills are very harsh on us because we use so much heat. Do you remember being so cold? Please support us.