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Charitable Giving

2020 Expansions


Help House 5 Additional Teen Girls  $48,000 

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imagine Me Academy
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25 Additional Students  $61,875 


1-6  Children lived in a car 

1-7  Experienced abuse

1-9  Children suffer PTS

70% Come to school dirty 

Jars of Clay Shelter &
 Imagine Me Academy
are programs of Anita Lane Ministries Inc.
a non-profit Christian Ministry

Jars of Clay Shelter


Offering the simplest of needs so others can attain their greatest dreams.

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Imagine Me Academy


Offering equal educational footing to homeless children in a play and learn environment.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will keep us in operation as long as we are faithful to "the least of these."  Our mission is to share God's unconditional love, His gracious intentions and sovereign purpose for each and every person regardless of their financial disposition. When we act in response to human need, giving what we have without seeking profit, we believe God magnifies the effects of our efforts and brings about change so every life is esteemed.


Thank  you for making a life changing donation.

 *All donations are given with full understanding that the organization is for charitable purposes and no promises or special provisions have been attached to your offering (in accordance of the IRS code). No goods or services were provided and that our church in return for the contribution consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits. 

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