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Volunteering is Transformational

What are you waiting for...just do it! Sign up today.
Mentor Teen's.      Homeless.        Tiny Homes.     Tutoring.
I agree to the terms and conditions for volunteering on the campus of Jars of Clay

Success! Message received.


1.  Adults must register online. 

2.  Please fill out all tabs

3.  If you have minors in your party, please identify

them (first, last, age). Please be advised chaperones, guardians, temporary guardians must be on campus during a minors "tour of duty/volunteer experience." 

4.  Students wishing to use volunteer hours for high school credit must bring their school sign in sheet.

5.  Adults and supervising adults must agree to the volunteer liability policy. Notice of limited liability coverage for volunteers. 

6.  Adults must agree to the covid policy. Notice of no insurance coverage for a pandemic

7.  Adults must check in with receptionist during event.  

8.  Due to the current pandemic, you may be asked to use social distancing, asked to wear a face mask,  and/or have your temperature checked.  Entry may be denied by host.


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