Jars of Clay is pleased to announce the launching of our very own JOC Grocery Store for our local community and the homeless population we serve.


Many people visit the store with food needs, hygiene requests, cleaning supplies, diapers, medicine and more!


Everyday Jars of Clay is open to feed the hungry. If you find yourself in a food desert come to the main campus today. 


According to Hunger Facts:

In 2015: 42.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, including 29.1 million adults and 13.1 million children. 13 percent of households (15.8 million households) were food insecure. 5 percent of households (6.3 million households) experienced very low food security.


One of the largest costs to our ministry is food! Next to housing for the homeless, food is our highest request. Please help us keep the pantry stocked, the soup kitchen open and pop-top-foods available. For more information please call:404-586-9793

Mr. Floyd receives $12 a month in food stamps

Jars of Clay's

Grocery Store