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Summer Fun has begun with READING

with more than half the 100 camp potential participates reading 2 years below a child in more favorable family circumstances, we choose to take on reading with a whole new make it fun, to reward through challenge and to empower through education....and a splash in the water with each reading accomplishment. HOW MANY KIDS WILL YOU SEND TO CAMP? 


                     $35.00 Changes My Summer

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The Garden is Growing...Helathy Eating this Summer at Jars
Watch our  video

CAMP EXPLOSION KIDS will get a first hand-hand-on education gardening! We are excited to share the amazing growth of our first garden in the ministry history. Watch the kids package the vegatation and serve the community in the next 30 days! Thank you for supporting camp!

The Girls Home is Finished!!!! We Did It!!!!!

  We are pleased to announce the launching of our new girl’s home! We did it!!! 


We are currently under renovating house #2 and seeking support to complete our new home. Several of the rooms are well on their way. The back deck needs a face lift. The kitchen needs flooring, sheet rock, a dish washer, a frig, a stove, a sink and installation of an island. Please bring your renovation and beautification skills every weekend in June.


         VOLUNTEER NOW   & OPEN HOUSE    (JUNE 17th 2016 from noon-2:00pm)

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