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Eagle Ranch Founder Embraces Jars of Clay

New connections are always refreshing. Edwin J. Staub and Pastor Anita met early this month for a mentoring session that landed an amazing relationship. Eddie challenged Anita in the areas of  branding, board of directors, development, programs and newsletter marketing. His goal to make Jars of Clay a ministry of ministry of distinction through relationship building will be the main focus for Jars in 2016.


Eddie is the founder of a multimillion dollar ministry that houses and counsel's children in crisis. Learn more at




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It has been a rough fight. It has been an uphill battle and all along Joan has continued to work at Jars of Clay, continued to counsel many kids in crisis, continued to trust God even after a failed surgery and continued to smile during treatments. Joan rang the bell to confirm the completion of her therapy on April 28th 2016.  Please continue to pray for our family as she walks in healing for the future.

Joan Beats Cancer
Helathy Eating at Jars

Poverty causes people to live in a food dessert.  To add to the beauty of our grocery store we have planted the largest garden in our community. This garden is being overseen by Mr. Moore who is an expert gardener of more than 50 years. Mr. Moore has planted 11 different types of vegetable and estimates food for 400 plus people. Visit the garden today and put some gloves on! Volunteers needed.

First, we are so excited to share that the State of Georgia-Bright From the Start has approved Jars of Clay's Child Care Center and has confirmed us as Exempt.


We can now launch our Christian Early Learning Program to our homeless population and local community! Please support this great work with volunteerism and donations.

 Two Great Advances
for Jars of Clay
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Next, we are pleased to announce the launching of our new girl’s home.  We are currently under renovation and seeking support to complete our new home. Several of the rooms are well on their way. The back deck needs a face lift. The kitchen needs flooring, sheet rock, a dish washer, a frig, a stove, a sink and installation of an island. Please bring your renovation and beautification skills every weekend in May. VOLUNTEER NOW

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