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The "Why" in Jars of Clay
How Our Program Works
Social Injustice

After serving 21 years in ministry, I finally have a clue as to why Jesus spent most of his time with the poor, casting out demons, healing the sick and delivering those from issues, because poverty kills and homelessness hurts!

Another ministry focus of Jars of Clay is CHILDREN. There are more than 1.5 million homeless students across the country and Georgia has as thousands. Research shows homelessness contributes to a wide range of challenges including physical and psychological problems, safety fears and academic struggles. It’s estimated that 75% of homeless students do not receive a high school diploma. The barriers these students face, hinder their ability to become contributing, successful members of their families and society and place them at a high risk of becoming tomorrow’s homeless adults.

We know all too well that the color of your skin, your gender, or the ethnicity and culture of your race is ever being questioned as to ones worth. Even here in Atlanta, your zip code can define your value. In fact, our zip code 30310 has a 13-year-life expectancy gap when compared to more affluent areas like Buckhead.

To change that racial divide, Jars of Clay launched a campaign to end homelessness in our state. Utah successfully did it Utah Story...why cant we? Well, we never considered racism, greed and politics:

  • How very hard to believe that people are homeless, that housing is available...but selfishness from organizations hinder the homeless from becoming stable.

  • How very hard to believe multi millions have been given to agencies in Atlanta. People who really need move in assistance don't get the help they need.

  • How very hard to believe a homeless person will spend 21 days in a shelter and kicked out after the HUD funding runs out for that period. Once kicked out and made homeless again another shelter can collect additional HUD funds for sheltering the same homeless person or family.

  • How sad that shelters that accept federal funds need those funds to operate causing homeless persons a longer wait for permanent housing.

  • How very hard to believe homeless clients assisted by JOC were accused of lying about being homeless and needing help.

  • How very hard to believe that shelters need people to be homeless to receive HUD funding.

  • How very hard to believe HUD established millions and millions of dollars to end homelessness in each state, but the funding does not always go to those in true need.

  • How sad to know the millions that go to agencies is more than enough to put each family into a home, yet the agency prospers.

  • How sad to know that the attacks on Jars of Clay to stop helping the homeless started after our revelation of their funding scheme. And other organizations have been attacked as well.

  • How sad to know, people will suffer and be judged because they lose housing

Look what the city of Atlanta did to the Task Force for the Homeless  (for 10 years) to destroy their works. CLICK HERE

Look what the city of Atlanta did to the shelter that helped homeless families find nightly shelter: CLICK HERE

Whys sleep in a shelter if you can have your own home? Look who got TB and died by sleeping in shelters and not in their own homes: CLICK HERE

Look hw the AHA bragged about closing all housing without helping those they displaced.

Look how Utah ended homelessness and suffering, they put people in housing: CLICK HERE

Atlanta can do the same...Support Jars of Clay movement today!

The Attack on Jars of Clay

In 2013 we were asked by a prominent ministry to stop helping so many homeless people. We were advised that we would be blackballed and attacked if we did not comply. We continued to serve the homeless and end homelessness.

We knew the Taskforce for the Homeless was in a 10 year battle for helping homeless people and their attack was devastating. We followed our heart and continued putting families into house. The battle is NOT ours, but the Lords...(2 Chronicles 20:15). They tried to destroy us, but could not!

*Jars of Clay is not affiliated with the Taskforce for the Homeless in any way, nor do we endorse their organization or values.

The Attack on Jars of Clay by Fox 5 News

Fox 5 picked up the slander after an insider asked all agencies who received federal funding to secure their position and "blackball" Jars of Clay by saying our agency supported black people who were not homeless. Yet our clients fit the HUD definition of homelessness....AND WHO WOULD LIE ABOUT BEING HOMELESS ANYWAY?

They contended Jars of Clay took federal funds and refused to help the homeless with the money. Jars of Clay has never accepted HUD funding or federal funding and will never by choice, accept federal or state funds, to run its Christian ministry. Jars of Clay serves as an information and referral service for the homeless. Accepting this funding will not allow us to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ while helping the homeless get approved and into housing.

When the News channel aired the story they did not have all the facts. They were given the facts by Pastor Anita in a 45 minute interview, but chose to air a biased story. Unlike the Task Force, Jars of Clay took a financial loss of $40,000 from the state of Georgia and chose a "Voluntary Compliance" so it could keep helping homeless families through the winter months. JOC was persecuted by at least 10 city inspectors to close the mission and it was slandered to stop donors from supporting its good works...none of their efforts worked!!! (Matthew 26:31) .  We believe the Taskforce for the Homeless will win with all the evidence against the city of Atlanta and those who hate black homeless families. We believe Black Lives Matter...we believe all lives matter, especially the homeless.

Racism and Corruption


The Taskforce is still fighting and it’s been 11 years. With state and federal lawsuits, state and federal corruption, citing city corruption, donor attacks and threats, slander and hate, Satan at his best. Law Suite (pdf)


The vicious attacks on the Taskforce were a clear indicator to Jars of Clay as to the severe hate against homeless persons in Atlanta. Even though we too have been persecuted, almost to death, we chose to let the good Lord fight our battle. Neither did we have millions to lose in legal fees.


We chose a Voluntary Compliance so we could continue to serve the homeless. It is clear that the Taskforce will win, then Jars of Clay will begin to expose those who tried to stop its ministry from housing and helping homeless families.

The Ending...

Regardless of bias Media, prejudice, hatred of the homeless, greed, corruption from any source…homelessness must end in Atlanta. Mother Theresa tried, Martin Luther King Jr. tried, President JF Kennedy tried, so we amount ourselves to nothing.


Most other leaders that went before us were slandered, hated, despised, lied about and destroyed. We find ourselves in good company! We will always have critics, we will always have naysayers, our response is…homelessness must end and we will give it our best effort to honor God.

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