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**These links are provided as references.  JOC does not own any company, the government, HUD, or Dept. of Community Affairs, nor is JOC affiliated with them. 

How The Housing Program Works    D.I.Y.   (DO IT YOURSELF)

Our goal is to assemble as much information in one place to help you to gain housing as soon as possible. God bless you and know we have prayed for you even before you visited out site :) 

Before searching for a home we need to make sure you have viable income. Click on the jobs tab.


All types of financial support may be found here.  If you need rent, utility help or more.  Click on the Agency Search tab.


Now you have income, lets search for your new home. Click on the search tab.

If you have lost housing and wish to keep your children in the same school. Find help by clicking the McKinney Vento Tab


If you have lost housing and wish to keep your furniture and possessions click the link to obtain STORAGE

We will issue a furniture voucher to  clients 

wishing to obtain furniture. Clients must comply with the Furniture Bank of Atlanta's terms.



Take The Stress Off...

Join us for church service, a meal and social services to rebuild. Must sign in by 10:15 am for social services. Social Service starts at 12:30 noon.

Emergency Housing Program 


Emergency shelter is a system of housing (usually in a shelter) to aid when a person has no safe place to sleep. Everyday people call our office for quick placement housing or emergency shelter. If you or your family needs emergency shelter, please call our support line at 470-851-5474 for a consultation. Coaches are available Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am-3pm


Other Supportive Programs (MEMBERS)

We understand some people will never trust a shelter because the shelters may not seem safe, so we have attempted to accommodate families experiencing this dilemma. We offer many services to bring dignity and assistance to struggling families:

Mailing address, telephone usage, hygiene kits, soap, a wash cloth, nail file, nail clippers, deodorant, shampoo, cotton swabs, a comb, tooth brush and tooth paste, dental floss and more. A HOT shower can save the day!  A hot meal, emergency groceries, clothing, shoes, diapers, blankets and the like.  Employment services including resume, phone, fax, copy, internet access, email, printing and scanning.  Assistance with birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more. Assistance with applying for food stamps, assistance with applying for college and financial aid FAFSA.


Why Are We Different?

We are a Christian Volunteer Group. Jars of Clay chooses not to receive federal funds, so we refer clients to organizations that accepted those funds to help you!  Let's give them an opportunity to use those "homeless funds" to go to "homeless families," to help end homelessness.  


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