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Emergency Services


  ***Jars of Clay provides information and referral services as a means to help people in crisis. These links are provided as references.  JOC does not own any company, the government, HUD, or Dept. of Community Affairs, nor is JOC affiliated or endorse such.  

Ongoing Services

We believe families should be self sufficient and not rely on social services to completely support their household responsibilities.

Our programs offers a hand up and NOT a hand out. Candidates must be employed or provide special circumstances to qualify for client privilege with our organization.  The following are 2023 on going services and are benefits while funding is available.


We understand good people are going through some very tough experiences and we are here to support you through the struggle. Please make an appointment ONLINE to speak about your concerns.   


For emergency assistance call the office at: 470-851-5472

After Hours: For assistance after business hours, dial 2-1-1.

Imagine Me School

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We understand some people will never trust a shelter, so we have attempted to accommodate families experiencing this dilemma.


We offer many services to help homeless families:

Mailing address, telephone usage, hygiene kits, soap, a wash cloth, nail file, nail clippers, deodorant, shampoo, cotton swabs, a comb, tooth brush and tooth paste, dental floss and more. A HOT shower can save the day!  A hot meal, emergency groceries, clothing, shoes, diapers, blankets and the like.  Employment services including resume, phone, fax, copy, internet access, email, printing and scanning.  Assistance with birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more. Assistance with applying for food stamps, assistance with applying for college and financial aid FAFSA.

Take The Stress Off...

Join us for church service, a meal and social services to rebuild. Must sign in by 10:15 am for social services. Social Service starts at 12:30 noon.

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