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This extensive damage is the result of a high speed chase! The car barreled through the sidewalk, took out our brick wall, our metal fence and our school. Please help us quickly recover while the police investigation continues.

Easter 2022

221 Baskets Needed Before Easter

Children that live in poverty live in some of the harshest conditions.  Candy makes those condition a little more bearable. But candy and the truth about the unbearable conditions and treatment Jesus endured, makes a happy ending.  This year, we chose to push through the pandemic and offer the Story of Jesus to 500 children, who in normal circumstances, would never want to serve God.  Sow a seed so we can provide candy, joy and truth about a loving God. Thank you!

Teenage Tiny Home Community

It might look like a container or the trailer portion of an 18 wheeler, but to those without a home, it become heaven on earth. 

Our mission to build a Tiny Home Village for homeless teenagers and their babies and teach them like skills until they are prepared to battle life.

NEED: Each home costs $19,000 we currently need 22 more.

Monthly Ministry Support Needs

imagine Me Academy
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Financial Integrity is more than a priority at Jars of Clay; it is a deeply held value. Jars of Clay is committed to outstanding stewardship, transparency and accountability. We believe the gifts we have been given are His and we are to steward them wisely. We are vigilant about our spending and our focus is on breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Jars of Clay has been a trusted charity since 1997 reputable financial accountability groups have recognized Jars of Clay for superior financial integrity.  We invite you to review our financial performance and accomplishments and see how God is multiplying your gifts for the glory of His Kingdom.  Thank you for supporting the life changing work of  Jars of Clay.


Manage Your Automated Giving

Thank you for automated giving and having a plan to support Jars of Clay as your local missions. Use PayPal to make automatic, instant, life changing donation or if giving by Check or Bank Bill Pay Make checks payable to Jars of Clay or Imagine Me Academy. Our mailing address is: 

Jars of Clay Outreach, 937 Sims St. SW., Atlanta, GA 30310

Planned Gifts

You can leave a financial legacy for Jars of Clay Outreach through a variety of planned gifts. For more information contact  470-851-5472