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Studio 51 Takes Flight!

Jars of Clay is celebrating with Pastor Anita as she turns 51 years of age on Jan. 5th 2016.  In keeping with her generosity, she created a beauty barber shop for those who need a little help looking their best for a job interview or just to feel better.  Visit the Studio for great beauty tips and more!  For more information please call:404-228-9826


JAN 05th Studio 51 Launches                        Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


JAN 18th Emory University Volunteer Day     Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


JAN  30th  JEAN GIVE-AWAY                        Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


Video's to Watch

Grocery Store Launch!

Jars of Clay is pleased to announce the launching of our JOC Grocery Store for our local community and the homeless population we serve.  Many people visit the store with food needs, hygiene requests, cleaning supplies, diapers, medicine and more!


Everyday Jars of Clay feeds the hungry. If you find yourself in a food desert come to the main campus today.  Visit the Grocery Store for great deals today!  For more information please call:404-586-9793


FEB 05th   JOC Grocery Launches                  Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


FEB 07th   Super Bowl Sunday                        Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


FEB 14th   JEAN GIVE-AWAY                         Facebook Pictures: CLICK HERE


Mr. Floyd, 91 yrs. 

only has $9 left from his check after paying his bills and medicine.


He is thankful to shop for groceries at Jars of Clay Community Grocery Store!



March Events to come


April Events to come


Jars of Clay is pleased to announce the building process

for our new Children's Church Playground.  Easter is almost here!


March        JOC Launches  New Playground for childcare center

                  Facebook Pictures to come soon: CLICK HERE




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Please help us collect candy, baskets, bibles and boags for Easter. Donations are welcome

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