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Ready...Set... Shop & Silent Auction

We're in the business of giving back. Find a luxury item, offer a fair price, get something of amazing value, and provide a transformational opportunity for a homeless person to get back on their feet!

All proceeds support Jars of Clay’s programs and services.


Along with Jars of Clay, you can make the world a better place just by shopping. The simple (and rewarding!) act of finding the perfect treasure can strengthen your community and help people find housing.  That’s because when you select items from Jars of Clay of Atlanta – you support our mission of helping make life better for homeless teenagers and their babies  throughout the community.

Delivery of Items

Shoppers are responsible for delivery fees.

Large pieces may be delivered by JOC for a delivery fee of $35

Return Policy: All items are sold "as is" and non-refundable

Thank you for supporting our mission with your donation.  

Men's Shoes

Men's Suits

Men's Ties


Special Offers

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