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Growing up in London, England, Anita Lane was mostly shielded from the poverty outside her door.  It wasn't until she entered college did, she have to face students in poverty and local communities stricken with homelessness. That's when she began to appreciate the vast social inequalities people endure. Being raised in a biracial family with loving siblings, Anita's parents insisted their children would have to attend a Historic Black College when time permitted. They wanted their children to know what "black" and "white" looked and felt like in America.


Anita began early college at the age of 16 and quickly learned the life her parents presented was not equal to all!  "Something inside me (was) saying, 'you need to do something about it,' Anita said, which is why she changed her career path.  Fast forward 23 years, today she is a devout Christian, mother of 4 amazing people, business owner, Human Rights Activist and Senior Pastor of Jars of Clay Church-Atlanta, GA.


Anita shifted her medical school dreams and launched Jars of Clay Outreach. It parallels as a Church and Social Service Organization with a mission to end the suffering of homeless people in Georgia and throughout the United States.   More than 10,000 people call, visit, or rely on the programs and services offered through Jars of Clay.


As you navigate the pages on this website, we pray a simple prayer, " Father, bless those seeking help, offering help and those inspired to simply...'DO SOMETHING' to make life better for another human.  We hope you choose to DO LIFE BETTER WITH JARS OF CLAY. 

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