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I Need Services
Our Solutions Truly End Homelessness 

We understand some people will never trust a shelter because the shelters may not seem safe, so we have attempted to accommodate families experiencing this dilemma. We offer many services to bring dignity and assistance to struggling families.   Mailing address, telephone usage, hygiene kits, soap, a wash cloth, nail file, nail clippers, deodorant, shampoo, cotton swabs, a comb, tooth brush and tooth paste, dental floss and more. A HOT show can save the day!  A hot meal, emergency groceries, clothing, shoes, diapers, blankets and the like.  Employment services including resume, phone, fax, copy, internet access, email, printing and scanning.  Assistance in applying for foodstamps/Compass, FAFSA, GED. 


ACTS 2:40-45  The bible teaches us that we should all pitch in for a hand up, not a hand out!

Annual membership for homeless clients is $35 a year. This membership includes the service above for those clients that need a little more help getting on their feet.  Visit our facebook page and see how many people were benefited by our services. *in some cases, while supplies or services  last.



CHURCH                                                JOC EVENTS                                GROCERY STORE                 IMAGINE ME ACADEMY 

LIFE GROUPS                                        WEDDINGS                                  THRIFT STORE                       ENROLLMENT APPLICATION

EMERGENCY HOUSING                       COUNSELING                               HAIR STUDIO 51                    TOUR                               

VOLUNTEER/GROUPS                          PRAYER REQUEST

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