Discovering Jesus Through Camp

Jars of Clay Located in Atlanta GA
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The Power of Camp

We take broken children and mold them into beautiful vessels for God's honor. We know when you change the environment of the child, you win the heart of that child.

(2 Timothy 2:20-21)

$350 entire summer or $35 for a week

33 children are praying for a sponsor!

More than 70% of inner city kids that attend our camps have experienced broken families, abusive homes or homelessness.  Camp Explosion finds creative ways to help children heal...Equine Therapy


Kids Find Healing


Swimming Lessons

89% of inner city campers do not know how to swim!

With assistance from professional volunteers and life guards, 95% of our children learn to swim over the summer! 47% become emboldened to jump in or dive in after a Camp Explosion summer experience!


If you change the environment you can change the heart of a child. Camp Explosion is known for taking broken children and forming them into beautiful Jars of Clay, filled with memories and experiences that will lead them to Christ. 


Changing the lives of inner city children child through summer camp

Free Enterprise

Our camp empowers children with tools and opportunities to speak with local business owners and learn how to operate their own business.

Free enterprise is the most effective way to break systemic poverty and help children find hope.

Our "Kids Stands" will sell ice cream, lemonade and vegetables!



Our summer experience includes growing vegetables and learning how to care for the earth.  

Gardening builds a sense confidence, it develops STEM & analytical abilities, it provides engaging, moderate exercise and it encourages children to eat healthier. 

Check out our garden on YouTube!